Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love Hangers

Dear Friends,
Bono Baby and I are having so much fun looking at your love hangers and reading about you.
We've decided to extend the hanger goodness for a bit longer.
Please send your hanger photo to 
This is just too much fun.

love love,
Fritzi and Bono Baby

p.s. Bono Baby will pick a winner but he also would like to send everyone who enters a little somethin' somethin'.
Isn't he the sweetest. 
Please send us your address too. 


Felicia Woodhouse said...

He is the sweetest!!!! And you know i just can't take it! I mean, in a hoodie! I'm gonna keel right over!

Felicia Woodhouse said...

i just zoomed in only to discover that it's a mickey hoodie! BONO BABY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!
Dan & Kitty how can you stand so much cuteness everyday?!

Kristen said...

Thank you - this has been a crazy week and my half done hanger would like to play. Hoping to finish her soon.

Micaela said...

yay!!! i am SO excited to keep seeing these precious designs :) loving it!

and Bono Baby, YOU are the sweeeetest! i'll have to pick you up a treat/toy from my work ;) i think you're cute.

Micaela, Stella, Maverick, and Bubbles xoxo