Monday, September 27, 2010

Lipgloss, Tassles, Gingham, and Diamonds

My lovely friend Kristen from More Than The Mulberries and I have been friends for ten plus years. 
We met while we were living in a smelly dorm at The University of Utah.
We were two sassy Southern California girls who were destined to be great friends.
I think our Sassy Natures brought us together. 
I will say this, Kristen's love hanger exemplifies her in every way.

Kristen in a nutshell:
-is a fabulous wedding florist
-loves historical sites and traveling
(I'm hoping she'll come visit soon)
-She never leaves home without her sunglasses
-She has a thing for collecting ribbon
-She loves anything gingham
-She always has lipgloss and pretty lips
-She LOVES jewelry
-She has a super handsome husband and three sweet little one's
-She loves fall and Halloweeen
-She loves to collect recipes and cook
-she loves being "crafty" and makes beautiful tassles for her home
-Black is her favorite color and she wears it well

I love you forever.
I'm so thrilled that you took time to make your love hanger. 
You are my sister-in-sass and I adore you.

love love,


Unknown said...

O my,,, i think you've found me another kindred spirit!!... :)we have many of the same favorites! <3

heather said...

A wonderful hanger! Love the lipgloss :)

Kristen said...

One of my favorite stories to tell is how I met you's to diet cokes in class, reading InStyle behind folders and Felicity every week. We were destined to be friends and will be forever. :)

lindsey said...

loving the lipgloss as well!


A'n'G Johnson said...

ooo this is a fantastic love hanger. and recipes... how could I forget recipes?!