Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hedgehogs, Ruby Slippers, Buttons, and Lolly Pop Kids

Dear Felicia from Made For You By Mrs Woo is a hoot. 
Felicia is originally from South Carolina.
She now lives with her sweet husband in The United Kingdom. 
They have bunnies named Truman and Daisy.
We met over the loss of their hedgehog. 
It was so so so sad.
Felicia loves to create and sell her fabulous creations in her Etsy shop.
She loves buttons and The Wizard of Oz. 
She is one of those people that you wish you could hang out with everyday. 

Thank you for being my friend and for inspiring me to be a better person. 

love love,


Micaela said...

i love the hedgehog and the sentiment behind it... i love the wizard of oz and of course the Beatles :)

heather yalin said...

So good to hear how you met everybody! The hedgehog sounds like quite a story!

Diana said...

She has two bunnies with awesome names. I want to be her friend, too :D

Felicia Woodhouse said...

Aww I love you Kitty x

Felicia Woodhouse said...

Just a note about that Beatles patch. It is original from the British Invasion. It's probably meant to be Paul as belonged to my Aunt & Godmother Linda. She was a HUGE Beatle's fan. Along with small Paul I inherited her treasures when she lost her battle with cancer. Her original Beatles albums, newspaper clippings and even a couple of doodles of hers proclaiming her love for The Beatles from the age of 11!
She was such a huge influence on me. It's because of her that I fell in love with the Beatles, England & The Wizard of Oz! Thanks guys x

Faiza said...

what i love most about these love hangars is hearing about the connections you are making with other bloggers. gorgeous!