Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fancy Pants Friends

I think we have developed a thing for dressed up animals.
These friends look like they need to be given proper names and chatted with on a daily basis. 

Check out Beat Up Creations and see if you make any new friends.  

I am off to go treasure hunting.
Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday Wishes Dearies


Laura said...

Um... I LOVE them!! Good luck on your treasure hunt. I hope you find lots of marvelous things!

We're heading up to Seattle this weekend and I'm sad I missed you when you were there :(

Fritzi Marie said...

Dear Laura,

That makes me sad too. It would have been so much fun to meet up and have an impromptu photo shoot with you.
I hope you have an amazing time.
Give a shout out to our Dear Seattle for me.

love love,

Mandy said...

Im going on a treasure hunt too.. Thrift stores here i come! :) Have fun!

Love Mandy <3

lindsey said...

i cannot wait to see what all you find. maybe something to rival a piggly-wiggly head?!!! p.s. - i adore those plates.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

ahhh! i love! i have slight, okey, SERIOUS obsession with animal knick knacks, and i think those are perfect!

Ashley / StarSparrow said...

It was SO good to see you today, you have no idea! I needed a big dose of someone sweet! I cannot wait for our girl's day on Friday. I will be looking forward to it all week!!!!
Love & Hugs!

Ashley / StarSparrow said...

Oh, and thank you for not gagging when you saw/smelled my nasty feet. Lol.

yours truly dear said...

ha! i love the girl giraffe. so chic ;]

Micaela said...

GENIUS!!!! i love love love your taste.


and i'd wish you luck, but you didn't need it. AMAZING finds :)

Anonymous said...

I love giraffes! Momm

Faiza said...

Micaela just introduced me to your blog a) because she thinks we have a lot in common and b) because I love giraffes! Hope you don't me following along!