Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheek To Cheek

Dear Ashley of StarSparrow and I took our husbands to The Possum Trot Auction to treasure hunt.

We heard a rumor that The American Pickers would be making an appearance.
Dan and I love watching American Pickers so there was no way we were going to miss out on an opportunity
to meet Mike and Frank.

Not only did we score and come home with some treasure but I got some cuddle time in with "the boys". 

I love cuddle time with boys.

This was my favorite moment of the night. 
Cuddled up cheek to cheek with Frank Fritz. 
He is just too cute. 

But, nothing tops going home and getting all comfy and cuddling with my Daniel and Bono Baby.

love love,

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lindsey said...

how fun! mark and i have become die hard fans of american pickers. so so jealous! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos. happy weekend wishes!


Ashley Mason said...

We love American Pickers! my Dan was so jealous when I showed him your pictures. Glad you're having fun :)

Kristen said...

Ok - I totally thought American Pickers was a band or something. I've never seen the show and just tonight heard of it! So I RAN back over here because I remembered you wrote about it.

I am officially lame and out of the loop. I need cable again! Looks like a show I would love!!

Kristen said...

Just watched 4 episodes in a row - I LOVE it!!