Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bono Baby Needs Your Help

Dear Friends,

Bono Baby has a favor to ask of you.
You see, we have been busy tonight putting up some of his favorite photo's on his Bono Wall. 
He wants to know if you would like to send him a photo of your puppy so he can chit chat with them at his watering hole. 
Dan told him that he would take your photo's and have them printed and I told him I would frame them.
It's our little "pet" project right now.   
He wants you to know that he loves you and thinks you're super sweet. 

p.s. Bono also picked a winner for the Back To School Love Hanger Giveaway.
Random Generator helped him out. 
The big winner is...Heather of A Measure of...
But don't you worry, Bono Baby has a huge heart and he wants to send everyone who entered a special present. 
Please send us your emails and we'll get them too you next week sometime. 

Also, if you still want to send yours in, please do, we love them.

love love,
Fritzi and Bono Baby


Micaela said...

you and bono baby are just the CUTEST!!!

i sent you photos of my little girls :) i love the idea!!! darling!!!

Yay for Heather!!! i'm so happy for her... lucky girl! :)

lots of love to you xoxo

koralee said...

Oh wish I had a photo to send..what a cute idea. xoxox

Amanda Atkins said...

I love Bono Baby's bear mat, and that a photo from you and Dan's wedding is hanging there for him. So cute. My parents are getting a dog very soon, I will send a picture of him for Bono as soon as we get him. :)

Birdie said...

I sent pics of 2 of mine, love it!

yiching said...

I am working on getting a pic of Nuki, Yama, and a-gui all together. Will send it to Bono Baby when I get a good one! :D hugs.

Laura said...

Ha! I love this! It tickles my heart.

staceygriff said...

I have a cutie photo for Bono's wall. I will email it to you. It's of Hope and Sofia together.

Kt said...

I don't have a dog picture to share but tell Bono Baby I also love Emily's 'Be Good' bear.

heather yalin said...

Boy, really do I feel so crazy lucky! Seriously, right now I'm wondering how I got to be so lucky! Thank you so much, Kat!!!