Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Treasure Hunt Show And Tell

When I am with my family, we always have show and tell after our treasure hunting excursions.
Since I am so far away from my family, I will be sharing with all of you. 
This music box is from Switzerland and I love that it looks like a paint by number painting.   

These souvenir pennants are so cool. 

Daniel is always on a book hunt. 
The English Ballet is for the shop. 
Dan would never pick a pink book. 

I fell in love with this sweet little frame. 

This letter box was at the bottom of a junk box.  It was covered with dust and full of junk. 
At the bottom of the letterbox, I found this skeleton key.
I like to imagine that it is the key to the beautiful home the sale was held at.

You all know that we are Disneyland fans. 
Dan asked me to marry him at Snow White's wishing well.

This milkglass glass will be holding my makeup brushes with pizazz.

I hope you are all having a lovely week. 
I am slowly chipping away at my office/art room.
Soon, very soon, many of these treasures will be up for grabs in our shop.
I am so excited about it.
love love,

p.s. We also found a small table for our deck. 
I'll share soon.


Unknown said...

i love these finds!! Fabulous!

Kristen said...

I want first dibs on that key if you are selling it. ;) Love your treasures.

Retro Plants said...

oh goodness!
pretty pretty finds.

felicia said...

gorgeousness! the letter box is so lovely! are the pennants for the shop? hmm? maybe?