Sunday, August 29, 2010

On The Town

Dan humors me every Sunday.
He takes me on mini adventures.

Today we went to a park close to our new home.
It was an old vacation getaway destination. 
The buildings were unkempt and the swimming pool was empty.
I wish I could have seen it in it's heyday.
Isn't that always the case?

I sported my 35th birthday dress for the adventuring.

I also carried my new little purse. 
I found it at an estate sale this weekend. 
I can't wait to show you what else I found. 
The estate sale was in a huge, old home with a wrapaound  porch, sagging beautiful hardwood floors, and a porchswing. 
It was for rent.
Dan and I talked about what it would be like to live in a large, older home.
We romanticized it until we realized that it had no air conditioning and the wiring was probably iffy. 
But the treasure I came home with will always remind me of that home.
It too must have had a glorious heyday. 


MarySew said...

i love your style so much, I wish I could pull it off. Sorry, I just had to tell you that :D

Micaela said...

you two are just SO cute and makes me want to hug my husband-to-be and also have little adventures. i'm glad you're exploring your new home :)

Janey said...

You seriously look be-a-uty-ful in your birthday dress. Love it, and you.

koralee said...

You guys are really the cutiest couple ever!!!! I adore your sweet look smashing my dear. xoxxo

Annah said...

You look like a modern-day Bettie Paige in that dress. So pretty! Glad you had a nice day.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

an adventure every Sunday, how fun!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment today xoxo

Maria said...

Oh, I am lovin that birthday dress!! You look amazing.

Kristen said...

That house is amazing...I love finding old places like that, but then I always want to fix them up and make them pretty again!

You look gorgeous in your dress!

Amanda Atkins said...

I love that you two dressed up for your adventuring! You look sooo pretty. I hope someday you get to live in a big old home that doesn't have faulty wiring. <3