Thursday, August 05, 2010

On The Road

We are on our way to Alabama. 
Please wish us luck.
We have a huge Penske truck and two cars that need to make it there without a hitch.
Dan and I have mixed emotions about the move.
This photo is how I feel like I look today.
It's my stressed out look.

Also, I had my hair cut this week and it is a little bit too short for my taste.
Looking at this photo of me on a rainy day in Seattle makes me miss my hair and dear Seattle.

Dearest Seattle,

We'll be back as soon as we can.
We adore you.

Kitty, Daniel, and Bono Baby


Maria said...

Drive safe you guys. I miss you!!

Micaela said...

safe travels for you two !!!

cheers to this new adventure for you both. It's sad moving away but think of all the fun you'll get to have exploring your new place together! AND! a new space to decorate. that's fun right? ;)


laurie said...

Hope the move goes as smoothly as possible. Much love from Pittsburgh! xoxo

Deja said...

My thoughts are certainly with you on the very long drive. May it be as unstressy as possible. I hope you find everything you need/want once you get there.

lindsey said...

been there. done that WAY too many times. i am so thinking about you. safe travels on the long drive. i know alabama is going to welcome you two with open arms!


Amy said...

Hope you have a safe trip. It's hard to move and say goodbye.

Kristen said...

Drive safe - Penske truck rides require eating a Slim Jim, a big diet something to drink and Johnny Cash on the tape deck.

Lucky for you that your hair is gorgeous no matter the length...maybe Alabama humidity will make it grow faster?

Sarah said...

Good luck and have fun!!!

trippin said...

Good luck with everything Kat!!

pumps & luiers said...

such a big change in your life - I wish you and the little family all the best of luck

Wan Family said...

We miss you already! I wish you a smooth transition and a whole "cottage-ful" of decorating happiness.

Wan Family said...

We miss you already! I wish you a smooth transition and a whole "cottage-ful" of decorating happiness.

Claire Nouveau said...

oh i hope you have a safe trip! and i wish you the loveliest time in your new location...i know just how you feel as it is just how i felt about leaving California for Texas...much love my friend and take care! will need a new address for you now i suppose for your fun mail :)