Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Daniel Morris

Dear Daniel,

We hope your 38th year is your best year yet. 
We can't wait to take you to Dollywood to celebrate properly.
We love you.

love love,
Kitty and Bono Baby


felicia said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Dan!

It's so funny that you've mentioned Dollywood! Mr Woo and I were just talking about Dolly Parton yesterday and what a genuinely nice person she seems to be! Ha! Dolly Feva!

Dear Kitty,
I have some pix to send you for the ole blog button when the time comes!
I'll just be needin your email addy and your regular addy for that matter!
Kishes and cuddles to all! A few extra to that Bono Baby!

Mrs Woo

lindsey said...

indeed...happy birthday, dr. dan! i've always wanted to go to dollywood. enjoy. you two have earned the celebration. happy weekend wishes!


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Anonymous said...


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to Dr. Dan! Tell him to check his e-mail today.

Midge said...

Happy Birthday Dan! Hope you had a great birthday you deserve it. I'm sure your beautiful wife took good care of you.