Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dreamy Adventures Are To Be Had

Dan and I are having such a special time. 
You know that time...when you move to a new place and everything is exciting. 
Every outing is a new adventure. 
That is the kind of time we are having. 
I am in love with "this" dreamy time. 

love love,


lindsey said...

LOVE the video. here's to more new and dreamy adventures! thank you for taking us along! happy monday wishes.


Wan Family said...

Hello Kat, we're glad the frog was found. We miss you. Give Bono a hug for us and say Hi to Dan.

Love Clancy and Chloe

P.S. Clancy wants to ask you "How is your week going?" and say "we love you" and "thank you for being here"

jek-a-go-go said...

may yer dreamy dream time last a very long time. cheers to you and yer new home!