Monday, July 19, 2010

Takin' My New Dress For A Test Drive

My Mommy sent me a new dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing for my birthday.
They had a "yard sale" in there offices which just happened to be located in my hometown. 
I sent my Mommy and she picked up two pretty dresses and a sparkle-ie purse for my b-day present.


Thank you Mommy and Dad CJ.
I will always giggle when I think of Dad CJ at the Pin Up Girl Clothing yard sale.
He said he got an education from the event.

Just a note about these shoes: my dear friend Marjorie sent them to me and I am in LOVE with them. 
I can't wait to wear them with my slinky black satin dress on a special date night with my Daniel.
love love,

p.s.  Don't forget to put your name in the hat for our little giveaway.


Maria said...

You look amazing!! I love it.

ilovemyhouse said...

Great dress and shoes.And here's my name in the hat. XX

p.s. did you receive my mail and adress?

Hearthandmade said...

that dress is gorgeous!!!

Midge said...

Those shoes are made for you! They may not be comfortable but they are dang cute. I'm so glad you like them.

Anonymous said...

wow, Kat -- you look stunning! i remember when modcloth used to sell clothes like PinUpGirl... those were the days. :)

LDTillustrations said...

'Pin-up girl yard sale'?!! I would LOVE to go to something like that! Love the dress, and the shoes - been reading through your blog and you always seem to find the most interesting things!