Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Some People Are So Touchy"

Last night we went to sing our hearts out at the Grease Sing-A-Long.
It was the best night out I have had in a while. 
We double dated with our dear friends Craig and Maria and we spent the evening in a theater full of Pink Ladies and T-Birds. 
I loved every minute of it.

If the Sing-A-Long comes to your town, go on a busy night, dress up, and get ready to hoot and holler and sing with abandon. 
Also, seeing the movie on the big screen was so cool.
I noticed so many little details that don't stand out on our TV. 

I promise no one will make fun of you if you sing out of tune.  
It was a priceless evening full of good times. 
Dan and Craig are going to their High School's 20th Reunion this weekend.
I think that watching Grease was the perfect way to prepare for that. 

love love,
Fritzi "Rizzo" Marie

p.s. My favorite sing a long moment...Grease Lightning.


koralee said...

What FUN!!!! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Summer evening. xoxoxo

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

That sounds like a lovely night-

Nice to 'meet' you- great blog!

Kristen said...

I remember Craig from your wedding, he was a crack up. Looks like a really fun night! (a wella, wella, wella, uh)

Did you know my mom went to Venice High where that was filmed? She is cool by association!

lindsey said...

i cannot believe it's not showing anywhere even remotely close! living vicariously through you (and yes, they would make fun of me singing off key). loving the photos. happy monday beautiful "rizzo!"


Maria said...

Love it!!!

Unknown said...

So jealous!!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

grease is hands down my favorite movie ever! i've been watching it since i was too young to know what some thing meant ;)

i only wish i could get my husband to go to the singalong with me!