Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nepotism Happens?

(Mommy, early 1970's)
Happy Birthday Mommy Bear
We love you

Kitty, Dan, and Bono Baby

p.s. Bono picked a winner and the winner is...Annie Bannie Beep Beep.
There is a funny story behind this win. 
My sassy baby sister always complains about never winning any of the giveaways we have.
She likes to blame Bono Baby for never picking her.
It's crazy that she won because Bono used and her number came up.
She is pretty excited about it.
Don't worry, we'll have another giveaway soon to even things up. 
Thank you so much for being our freinds.
We wish we could send you all a little somethin' somethin'.
Hopefully someday soon!


Kristen said...

Congratulations Annie! Who could blame sweet little innocent Bono?! Gasp.

Anonymous said...

obviously my luck has changed! I'd like to thank bono for selecting winning #22 (which will now be my official lucky #). I'd like to thank my mom for having a birthday (i think that added to my luck) and I'd like to thank sister kitty for calling me the night before to convince me to enter the giveaway!

xoxo kitty...that made my year!!

Fritzi Marie said...

Annie Bannie,

I still can't believe that you won. You must be on a lucky streak for sure. You know 22 is Dan's lucky number too, that's why we were married on the 22nd. I guess that means that you two were meant to be siblings. The lucky ones. My lucky number is 11 which is half of 22. Okay, I need to get a life.

love you,

Anonymous said...

I'm with you sister! I like your direction! 22 was also a # that was important to dad....