Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

Last summer we got hooked on Man vs. Food.
I had a crush on Adam and Dan loves food.
The Seattle episode featured The Crab Pot.
We decided that we would go as soon as we found out that Dan got a teaching job. 
It gave us something to look forward to. 
Last night we went with Dan's dear sweet parents. 
We had the Alaskan Feast and let me tell you, it was a grand celebration. 

Thank you for all of your sweet comments and best wishes with the move to Alabama.
You all mean so much to us

Happy Happy Weekend Friends

Do you have big plans? 
We plan to  procrastinate the ugly moving business and spend the weekend with our family and friends.
We have to soak up every last moment. 


Eloise In NY said...

ah! I havent been out to eat in such a long time! Thank god for relaxing weekends :) I have to clean and do laundry!! Ah goodtimes

Kitty said...


You are going to feel so happy when you get all that cleaning and laundry done. A fresh start to your new week. I hope you and your sweet husband can find sometime for a mini date. You know, one where you curl up and watch a favorite film on your couch in your jammies. Maybe add in some popcorn to spice things up.

love love,