Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

We've been spending snippets of this week swimming in the lake and pretending to be sea otters. 
Sea otters like these.
Dan even let me pretend to be the Little Mermaid and tried to reenact this Dirty Dancing scene with me this afternoon.
Don't tell anyone though.
love love,


SB said...


Amy said...

Do you ever take a bad photo? You are so beautiful. I'm glad to hear that you Birthday week is going well. Love you.

Kristen said...

I agree with Amy - you are so photogenic! I love sea otters - they are the cutest! Do you go swimming in the lake, really? Water like that freaks me out.

Fritzi Marie said...

I do swim in the lake and I love it.


p.s. Thanks for the photo love. xoxo

sueper said...

lol - you should post a video of that otter imitation!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember my green sequined mermaid bathing suit???


lindsey said...

i drive mark and sam crazy with my love for dirty dancing! that and flashdance. i LOVE that bathing suit. here's to more summer indulgences.


Mamushka Marie said...

haha! you are too cute!