Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Boys Out On The Town

Dan and his buddies are at their 20 year high school reunion tonight. 
I'm the annoying wife who decided that they had to have a photo to commemorate the evening.
They decided to ham up the photos but I think it's kind of cute.  
When they are little old men they will thank me.

Bono Baby and I are having a date night on our own.
We have big plans to watch girlie movies "in bed".

p.s. I found some treasure today.  I can't wait to show and tell. 


Stephanie said...

Gabe was working on a car all night. So, I ended up watching the Christmas in July sale on a shop at home network (I don't even know which one, lol). Your idea was much better than mine. :)

Shawna said...

Ohhhhh treasure?! I love treasure! I can't wait to see!

lindsey said...

i would have been annoying wife number two!!! love the photo. dying to know what "girlie" movies you watched. i've been watching "hello dolly" and pigging out on butterfinger bars. happy sunday.


Claire Nouveau said...

haha! hand holding! hope they had a good time! it's nice that they are all still friends, i haven't kept in touch with anyone i went to high school with and it's only been 10 years! <3

Laura said...

Fun! They will totally thank you for that picture! Good friends and good memories, no doubt.

Kristen said...

That giveaway dude left me the same message.

Anyways...I love that they cooperated and took this picture - so great.

Amy said...

Oh that photo is to funny!