Monday, July 12, 2010


It's official, my birthday week is here. 
There is no more time to work on my 34 before 35.
Tomorrow is the big day and I can't be grumpy about it anymore.
I love a birthday, any birthday, even a 35th birthday, especially if it is mine. 
I'm a birthday girl!
I'm going to live it up and make this the best year ever.
But first, I need to watch one of my favorite movies and let Duckie Dale serenade me into this new year. 

Let's celebrate, for this is the year of progress. 

love love love,


Jane said...

Oh Kat, happy happy birthday girl! I'm making a wish for the best of days and years and sending it your way.

trippin said...

Happy birthday Kat!! I hope you have a great day! I miss you guys!

diane said...


so super excited to have such a wild wonderful woman joining me in the year of 35! <3

duckie dale melts my heart into a puddle of joy.

wishing you an absolutely spectacular year ahead, my dear friend!


Deja said...

I wish wish WISH you a happy birthday, dear friend.

What if you make it 35 before 36? Just a thought ... Was that what you were saying? That it made you sad to have not finished? No reason to stop, I say.

Amy said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! To my super cool forever friend: I wish you the best birthday ever! I love you tons!

Sam said...

Wishing you a happy birthday, the sweetest one yet. It can be hard to see the years zoom by (will they ever slow down?) but trust that you are growing in grace and love!

lindsey said...

i love that scene. sending you diet coke and hot tamales wishes for a BIRTHDAY full of pure happiness. here's to a brand new year of magical wishes and unexpected adventures.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kat! I hope you have a great day! :)

Claire Nouveau said...

happy birthday gorgeous! know what? your b day happens to fall on the same day as my anniversary to my that's a WONDERFUL day!!! <3

Anonymous said...