Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear America

Signing in to wish you all the best of 4th of July weekends. 
Thank you for all of your tips on getting out of a funk.
I've been busy trying them all out and I think they are working. 
Oh, I went to the fireworks stand to get the biggest sparklers I could find.
I've decided that sparklers and strawberries are my cure all.

Happy Weekend Friends



lindsey said...

sparklers are my absolute favorite. although i remember one 4th of july when sam was little and we accidentally set my mom's hair on fire with one! sending you red, white, and blue wishes for a magical 4th.


koralee said...

Happy 4 of July my friend...I want to hear those fireworks all the way up here in Vancouver. xoxo

Maria said...

I love this picture, it's the cutest ever!!!

Anonymous said...

happy 4th, Kat!