Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ear Do Dad's By Betty

Last weekend we went to the estate sale of a fascinating lady named Betty.
She was a fashion model during the 1950's.
I fell in love with her.
She squirreled away so many treasures.
I think I will cherish her photographs forever. 

We bought a number of handbags from Betty's estate. 
My favorite was a simple grey bag for 50 cents. 
When I looked inside, I realized it was a vintage Coach bag.
It is a little beat up, but I love it. 

But I need to tell you about my favorite Betty treasure.
We found a photo of her wearing these beautiful earrings.
She wrote on the back of the photo,
"Earrings made from $1.00 pair of earrings plus 2 10 cent packages of 5 x 10 rhinestones plus 10 cent roll of jeweler's wire to make a fabulous but inexpensive accessory."
Don't you just love Betty? 
We went back for a second visit (to get more Betty photo's) and we found the earrings Betty made. 
Dan bought them for me. 

I can't wait to wear Alabama.
I wonder if Betty ever visited Alabama.


Laura said...

Wow... I'm goosebumpy and slightly misty eyed. I love this so much. It makes me so curious about her life, the places she went, what other little things she made...

Anonymous said...

if you come thru az on the way over you should stop by we would love to see you

Fritzi Marie said...


We won't be coming through the "right" part of Arizona. So sad. But I did find you some Disney Treasure today at a yard sale. Also, I'm hoping to go visit my sister Buffy (she lives close to you) sometime soon. We'll have to go out on a Kat and Devon playdate.

love you,

Fritzi Marie said...


I'll share some more photo's with you when I get settled. I came home with some photos of a photo shoot she did at a gas station. I can't wait to display them properly. She was ooooozing with style. The sadest part was, I don't think she had any family. She loved her doggies and had photo's of them everywhere and we found a typed manuscript of her memoir in her desk. I'm going to pretend that I'm her niece and treasure that I was able to get to know her through her photographs.

love love,

Hearthandmade said...

This is an amazing find!! And great to meet!! xo

koralee said...

Oh I do love Betty....I kinda feel sad she was selling all her wonderful memories...but I know you will take good care of them...what a blessing. xoxox

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi dear. Much enjoying your giveaway. I'm off for vacation, will make a post about it when i get back. "See" you in 3 weeks.

sueper said...

wow, how great is that! beautiful - just love those old pics!

Kristie said...

Hi there,
Did I ever tell you my great-grandmother was a fashion model in the 50's? She was also an antiques dealer later in life. Her name was Lulu. When I was a little girl I loved looking through all of her treasures and photos.
Through the years, she gave me a beautiful gown, a collection of perfume bottles and a gorgeous beaded purse. Can you tell I adored her?

Love this post by the way! Those earrings are fab!