Monday, June 07, 2010

To Friendship and Sunday Afternoon Adventures

My dear friend Karyn is visiting.
Karyn and I have known one another since we were little girls growing up in Southern California.
She is one of my dearest friends and I am so beyond happy that she is here to spend a few special days with us.

Yesterday we gave her a "driving" tour of Seattle.
We stopped at Gasworks Park for a bit to stretch our legs and give Bono Baby some adventure time.

We love having an excuse to go to our favorite places in Seattle.

We are so in love with this little boy.
Can you tell?

We told Karyn about all of the places Daniel showed me on our first date.
I love that she already knew all of the stories but we were just giving her visuals. 
This friend has been there for me through the thick of it. 
I love that she knows everything about me.

This was Bono's first encounter with the Troll.

We stopped by Alki beach to show Karyn where Dan first kissed me.
I put my feet in the cold water and looked for the perfect wishing rock to send her home with. 

My heart is happy.

Happy Monday Dear Friends


Suzanne Edwards said...

You are such a loving person! I love reading your blog, you always make me smile :D

Just Sweet Love said...

thanks SO much for sharing this!!

i can't wait to see The Fremont Troll!!!! I'm doing a roadtrip to Portland & Seattle in late July and I've been looking for fun sites and adventures!! Can't wait to add Alki Beach to the list too!

could you share your favorite coffee/tea spot?? :]

felicia said...

My bestie aslo just visited. I can totally relate to your adventure with yours! I shall have to blog about my time too!
I LOVE the picture of Dan and Bono with Bono's little eyes closed....*swoon*
He's such a little wet nosed dream.

Deja said...

a. you are gorgeous. simply lovely.

and b. seattle is gorgeous. nearly as lovely as you.

Amy said...

How cool that Karyn came to visit. Glad you had some special time together.

felicia said...

hey Kitty,

I was wondering if you are still doing that slimming blog, I'm going to be starting to put effort into loosing weight because if I don't the doctor is going to take me off of my birth control shot! Eek! Besides, i'm ready now. So, I was hoping to have some friends in the same boat. x x x

Anonymous said...


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