Tuesday, June 01, 2010

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

We spent Memorial Day inside (keeping Bono Baby's ears dry) packing and organizing. 
My friend April sent me a package full of vintage goodness from her home state of Louisiana.
I packed most of it away but this little kitten on a boot planter just had to stay with me.
Every time I look at it I think of my friend, my dear friend, who I miss so much.

I'm thinking about painting that little kitty to look like our Bono Baby. 
I think it would work.
Speaking of Bono Baby, his ears are getting so much better.
Today, it stopped raining and we were able to take him on a long walk.
He was so happy.

One of my favorite things about long weekends is the Tuesday following.
Why? Because the mail is always better after a long weekend. 
I won this heart garland from A Fabulous Fete who had a giveaway on Green Pickles.
I so don't have the patience to make something like this. 
I can't wait to feature it in our next home.

Oh, and most exciting of all, our copies of The Southern Poetry Anthology Volume II: Mississippi arrived today.
Dan has five poems in it. 
Don't you just love the Eudora Welty photograph on the cover?
We are so happy about this publication, many good friends are featured and it is really special to us.
Dear Mississippi,
I miss you so. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie


The Curious Pug said...

thats such a sweet little teeny tiny succulent in that planter :) too cute <3

koralee said...

A package of vintage goodies...how lucky are you!!! That planter is adorable....just like your Bono!xoxo

Anonymous said...

hey KAT! I knew you would make that little happy... "a pretty". Just like you. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh guess what: I'm leaving at 6:15am in the morning to go be the ward camp director at young womens camp for the nxt few days. I am following in your footsteps and thinking of you all the way! (P.s. it will be hot) Ican't wait to tell you all about it when I get back. Love - APRIL

sueper said...

the hearts are so great! hope you have a great long weekend!
great pic of that book - you should post a poem