Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses Giveaway

My friend Carrie gave me these adorable red rosebud earrings and I am in love with them. 
She also gave me a set of orange rosebuds for a lucky winner.

I'm gearing up for a big giveaway for when we reach 100'ish readers so this is our teaser giveaway. 
 To enter visit Carries sweet Etsy shop, Issy Missy Boutique.
(I am in love with the Snow White Tutu dress.)
Become a follower of Fritzi Marie if you feel so inclined.
And if you don't mind, pass on some words of wisdom on how you get yourself out of a funk.
Today the only thing that is helping me with my awful funk is Diet Coke and my red rosebud earrings.
We'll pick a winner on Saturday July 3rd. 

love love,


Felicia Woodhouse said...

My wish today is that I could have every single thing in Issy Missy Boutique! It's all so darn cute!

Going for a walk in the sun down a green & flowery path helps me out of a funk. Being in nature is so healing for me. I like to find treasures of dry poppy pods and the like on my roams too. They help bring nature inside. It's a must.

Much love x

Now I need tips for getting rid of heartburn. I think my daily med might be causing it. Boo.

Tiffany said...

speaking of funks... i really shouldn't be in one today but i am... usually a little drive with a blast of A fine frenzy(almost lover, near to you... among other songs...) helps some... the sun decided not to come out today and the crappy wind is at work out side... im not a happy camper... sometimes a dash of mansfield park or jane eyre helps some... i miss you times a million!!!

Kristen said...

Hey...I should do some sort of giveaway - I think I'm almost to 100 too! FUN! LuLu needs that "Snow Wipe" dress (that's what she calls her) Fun little shop!

Amanda Atkins said...

Oh, those are so cute. I'd love to be entered! Carrie's shop is adorable.
I get myself out of funks by reading really light-hearted books (aka chiklit) and going for really long walks in the city where lots of people are around. Being around lots of happy people always helps somehow.

Anonymous said...

Cute red rose earrings! I'm in a funk too. The yellow rosey earrings are veery cheery! I guess it always helps knowing that you're not alone and not the only one whos in a funk. Its been raining alot here (thanks hurricane alex). So what will my fair Kat and her man do this weekend for 4th? I need ideas too. :) love love, april

Tiffany said...

i wish i could send you a cupcake from this awesome place!! had a cheese cake cupcake today and it helped me ... also some retail therapy... and a nice long drive through the mountains... love you!!!

Anonymous said...

HOw do I enter for the giveaway? Funk, eh? Being outside......doing whatever I feel like doing.....without interruption......time spent thinking but unaware of what I am thinking about.....and being okay with that....without anyone saying "what are you thinking about"....which makes me have to think which I am not doing, supposedly. More confused or less confused by my funk remedy? I love you......As is said, 'this too will pass'.

Stella said...

What cute stuff! And a lovely giveaway... Um, to get me out of a funk... Not sure, but cuddles with my chubby bubby always help! And er *geek alert* reading Harry Potter! Put's my life into perspective lol.

ilovemyhouse said...

Music and running does the trick every time.Have a happy,happy weekend my dear. XX

trippin said...

I hate the funks. I get them quite often. I usually try to find a project to work on. It always helps me. I wish you lived closer. I miss my Kathy Friend. I know you hate being called Kathy, but it reminds me of old times. Love ya!!

lindsey said...

tulle that goes on forever and brightly colored hairpins - count me in! i tend to find a new book or magazine to read when i'm in a funk. i stay off the computer and try to get outside my head enough to at least go walking. and food. food always helps! sending you oodles and oodles of love and hugs.


Anonymous said...

Enter me! How do I get out of a funk? Sleep. I'm not very good at de-funking until I start a brand new day.