Thursday, June 24, 2010

Louisiana Treasure

My dear friend Miss April sent me some Louisiana treasure this week. 
Well, I should say that my "Louisiana Treasure" sent me some treasure from her home state. 
April loves treasure.
I love getting mail from her because you really never have any clue as to what will be packed away in her packages.  
Every nook an cranny is full of surprise. 
Like this postcard which I am in love with.
It reminds me of my time with her in the South.

This is my favorite thing she sent me.  
I love everything about this bowl, especially the color. 
I can't wait to take it on a picnic or show it off at a pot luck.

I haven't even sent her a proper thank you for the last package of treasure she sent me and something about our friendship makes me think that is okay. 
April, I love you like a sister.  

Thank you for being my Louisiana Treasure.


lindsey said...

do you ever watch "american pickers" on the history channel? i'm imagining you and april as the female version! sending you all kinds of summertime love.


Kitty said...

Dear Lindsey,

AP is one of our favorite shows around here. You are right, April and I would be the female version. She would charm people with her southern sweetness and I would be the snarky one on the hunt.

Funny to imagine.

love you,

Anonymous said...

I had a big belly laugh outloud when you said you never really know what to expect in my packages! that was a hoot. i enjoy putting it together probably even more than you might enjoy taking it out. :) I love ya girl! Ps. Its SOO freaking hot down here.


yourstrulydear said...

ooh i love love love that bowl! *jealous* ♥