Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YOU are a YOU

Today I am in love with this letterpress mini poster by Roll and Tumble Press.

I like to think that my Daniel is all I need but really some days I need an army of love to get me going.
I think we all do.
Being the YOU is a lot of pressure don't you think? 

This morning my Daniel texted me this...
"The storm of a kiss"

-Theodore Roethke

Love it, love YOU.
All of YOU.


lindsey said...

in love with that poster as well. here's to armies of women supporting one another. and to the poetry of theodore roethke. today it is just right.


Janey said...

Love you too Kat! Your posts always brighten my day. Smiles!

Hearthandmade said...

im so in love with this poster!

Kristen said...

Maybe that is what I am feeling - the pressure of being ME. Love you Kat. You are a sweet friend, I needed to read that today.

Deja said...

"An army of love to get me going"

Love. That. Roethke is good, but I like what you said even better.

Anonymous said...

those prints are wonderful and how awesome that it comes in 3 of my favorite colors. love.