Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Dog, The Sun Is Out In Our Neck Of The Woods

(Summer, 2008 Hattiesburg, MS)

We have had sun for two days straight for the first time since last summer.  
Maybe I am exaggerating but that is what it feels like.  
Last summer when we moved from Mississippi to Washington I remember our first trip to the park with Bono Baby.
Everyone was out laying out, chillin' on blankets with their shoes off, picnicking and playing with super cute puppies.   
This never happened in Mississippi (too hot and humid) and it wasn't like that in Southern California, the land of my youth. 
To me it was a Washington thing.
I thought it was cool but I didn't truly understand it until this year after I lived through my first rainy season.
So, I have been absent because I have been at the park, sitting next to the lake with my puppy soaking up every minute of the weather. 
Please forgive me, I'm behind on just about everything.

I love you.

p.s. Sorry about being one of "those" people who talks about the weather. 


Kristen said...

I don't mind weather talk. Sometimes I prefer it because it keeps me from saying to people what's really on my mind, like "why would you buy such ugly shoes?" or "have you ever heard of tweezers?" and things of that snippy nature. HA! :)

pumps & luiers said...

I know what you mean on weathertalk since we have so few beautiful days in belgium! and in every town people just respond different to it

Deja said...

No need to apologize! Not for the weather or about emailing. I hope you're having a lovely lovely time. And I saw you won the Cup of Jo giveaway, right? So exciting!

lindsey said...

am glad it finally feels like summer! to picnics, puppies, naps in the afternoons...


Retro Plants said...

here comes the sun!
so happy for you. . . glummy, rainy weather is the PITS!
we are having our BIG share this year!

Sami said...

I love that photo! So happy!!

And I love it too when it starts to turn into summer... being in the south it started quite some time ago, but when it does, I'm right there with you - outside all the time I can be!!

Claire Nouveau said...

it's the same way here in wisconsin..having arrived in the winter we spent the entire season indoors after about 4pm....come spring time though - wow! it's like the whole city comes alive. <3 it.

mamushka marie

Caitlinp said...

I have been in beautiful sunny Colorado all week where the clouds are the little fluffy white kind that you admire from the comfort of your blanket on the ground. When I talked to a Washington resident (a stranger) on the phone she said "have you found good weather?" to which I responded with poetry about the beauty of the sun and she responded with "I hate you". Now that is what Washington weather is driving people to this year. I'm so glad it is sunny again.

Caitlinp said...

Oh, by the way Caitlin P is actually Luckywans, my sister was signed in on my computer!