Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Fortune Cookie Inspired Adventure

We spent the day exploring some of our favorite spots in Downtown Seattle.
I love that my fortune cookie said, "You will have a happy adventure soon". 
It was right on the money.

We stopped by Pike Place Market and I fell in love with this street performer and his puppy.
 I talked Dan into taking a "tourist" photo in front of the market.
We stopped by my favorite place to get veggie gyro's and we had a picnic in the SUN.
Can you believe it, the sun came out for our adventure day.   

The Girl at Pike's Place Market, Seattle

I thought that if I could ask her
the price of the artichokes
it would be sealed: she would want
to know everything about me. 
It wasn't just black dread locks
or olive skin that made me want
to stare every time I passed her
produce stand.  When she reached
for that cabbage, exposing tender black
hair, I knew I could love her.
Three years she peddled
vegetables amidst belt booths,
bunches of flowers, flying fish, and every time
I walked that arcade, she
was what truly bloomed. 

Dan Morris

The hammering man was hammering away.

Karyn humored me once more by letting me take her photo.
I love having my photo taken so I'm slow to understand why anyone wouldn't be so into it.

We took our last photo of The Lusty Lady marque. 
They are getting ready to close their doors and their cheeky signs always make me giggle.

We visited the Gum wall.
It was gross and Dan about died.
He hates chewing gum.
Karyn was smart and she didn't bother climbing the hill to see the disgusting wall. 
It looks cool from far away.
Of course, we had to take Karyn to Ivar's to feed the seagulls. 

To finish off our day of adventure we stopped in at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.
I had to pick up a good luck token for my friend Lindsey

Hooray for happy fortunes. 

p.s. I am going to do something tonight that I have been putting off for a long time. 
Wish me luck.
I'll share later.


Kristen said...

I hate chewing gum too. Tell Dan that this is one of my favorite poems of his.

What a fun adventure day!


KAt- from one eyebrow specialist to another....your eyebrow contouring is perfect!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit.x.

Mamushka Marie said...

i've only been once to seattle and never got to do any of the touristy stuff! it looks like you had so much fun! i have so much family/friends up there, i hope to be able to visit sometime soon!
mamushka marie

lindsey said...

omg! that is one of my favorite dan poems ever. here's to fortune cookies, picnics, chewing gum walls, curiosity shoppes, and good luck tokens! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
p.s. - you and karyn look amazing.


Tiffany said...

I Absolutely LOVED this post!!! i wish i could come visit... :( i miss you dearly my beautiful friend... i always feel more like myself when youre around....

Retro Plants said...

what a FUN day!
wish i was there :)

psst. . . i am with Dan! the chewing gum wall was DISGUSTING!
that would never fly in Disneyland, you know! ;)
lots of love honey. . . i owe you e-mails upon e-mails!
where is my head?

Amanda Atkins said...

Good luck!!!
Kat, if I ever make it out to the west coast, can I visit you? I love seagulls and I want a good luck token. :)

Who is Mandy Blackberry? said...

someone payed my friend $300 tolick that gum wall, how gross lol :o)

Anonymous said...

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