Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chris In The Morning

 We went on a little road trip this weekend to Roslyn, Washington.
 Roslyn is also known as Sisily, Alaska of Northern Exposure.
My Daddy and I had a standing date to watch Northern Exposure during my high school days.
He even gave me a Northern Exposure sweatshirt, to wear on our date nights, for Christmas one year.

It was fun to walk the streets with my Daniel and think about those nights with my Dad.

Wouldn't it be the coolest to sit in The Brick and share a diet coke with my Daniel and my Daddy.
I wish they could have met.

I like to think that Dan will watch Northern Exposure with our child one day.
Then we can all go on a field trip to Roslyn and watch a movie in this Marlon Brando theater.

She (I like to think that we'll have a little girl) will think about her Daddy while I will tell her about how cool her Grandpa was.  He was my very own Marlon Brando and Chris In The Morning too.

Happy Father's Day

p.s. I want my Dad Morris and Dad CJ to know how thankful I am for them and how much I love them.

love love love


Amy said...

Love the hair!

_ said...

AM570, KBHR, the voice of the borough of Arrowhead County.

Lynn and Shelly said...

I am one of the 'older gals', so I remember the television show, 'Northern Exposure', for so many reasons ... But, in my mind one of the top reasons was that show was playing while I lived in California, Monrovia to be exact ... and that is where I fell totally and helplessly in love with the Holling family. Your dad was awesome in every way sweet Kat! I miss my dad too! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I used to love that show! Me and my mom would sit and watch it for a little while. How fun to visit.


Anonymous said...

Good memories are attached to the Northern Exposure show and the scenery. I think your dad loved that you loved watching it with him. He spent time in Alaska when he was in the Air Force. Maybe he was reliving past times while watching the show. Great memories!!!! I love you. Momm

Marsinah {mar-see-na} said...

You and your hubby are SO cute! Love your original style as well... something I miss about Los Angeles :(