Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bossy Chubby Bunnies

One day this week Dan went to work and was followed by this kangaroo, eyed by a wallaby, and sneered at by a huge bunny rabbit whom I like to imagine was bossy. 
Dan isn't a big fan of this job, but come on, this was special day.
How often do you meet a domestic kangaroo, wallaby, and huge rabbit in Washington state? 
I only wish I could have been there to meet them too. 

love love love


lindsey said...

omg! laughing so hard. i thought our earthquake was something to talk about. dan wins - hands down!


Fritzi Marie said...


It is so crazy that you had an earthquake this week. I'm amazed at where earthquakes are happening lately. Growing up in California, the first earthquake I remember was in 6th grade. I thought it was so exciting. The drama of it all. Now, they just freak me out. I think it's because of the movies Dan makes me watch.

love you,

p.s. I couldn't believe when Dan came home and told me who he met that day. So random and magical.