Monday, June 21, 2010

Bono Baby, You Are Our Whole World

We happened to find this globe (for a steal) while walking Bono Baby this afternoon. 
Bono Baby was more than happy to model with it for us. 
He is such a super star.

We carried our new treasure around town and a stranger asked us,
"Where are we at in the world?"

Hmmmm, insightful question dear stranger...

Today I am doing my best to be in the present, right here in Washington State.
Not in the past or the future in my thoughts.
Happy as a peach with my boys.

"Where are you at in the world?"


Erin said...

Cute photo!

Kristen said...

I like this picture of Bono a lot! He looks very contemplative about his next journey here.

koralee said...

I love your Bono! Such a sweet image. xoxoxo Hugs to you all for a peach of a day. xoxo

lindsey said...

love the picture. in the middle of spinning that globe. because it's so hard to be in the present, right here in alfred, new york!


Anonymous said...

Love you and love the picture, too. Your very own mommy......

Anonymous said...

Got the world on a string
Sitting on a rainbow
Got the string between my fingers

Mamushka Marie said...

too cute!
mamushka marie

sueper said...

great pic - I'm from belgium but was in Portugal last week for the honeymoon ;)