Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beauty Attracts Beauty

The sun is out (finally) and I have been distracted. 
I've missed you.
I've been busy working on my to do lists and sending lots of mail.
Well, a little bit everyday.
I owe so ever so many letters and I want each of them to say just what I'm thinking. 
I've been hooked on this book
I'm so taken with the idea that Beauty Attracts Beauty and I want you all to really think about it for a minute.
Beauty Attracts Beauty 
It reminds me to do all that I can to put pretty out into the world. 
Speaking of pretty, we just pre-ordered this book of pretty
I'm getting ready for my 35th birthday which is now only a month away. 
I haven't finished up all of my 34 before 35 goals but I still have time.
I wanted to have a big party but I'm going to wait until next year.  
Daniel is going to buy me a new dress and take me out on the town for my big day. 
We're also going to see this, and I am so excited about it. 
I can't wait to dress up like Rizzo

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.
Remember:  YOU are beautiful and Beauty Attracts Beauty. 

Fritzi Marie


lindsey said...

everyone should look that hot going to the post office! love all your book choices as well as the new mantra. my copy of eat, pray, love is dog-eared. cannot wait to see the movie.


Kitty said...

Dear Lindsey,

Catch a flying carpet and come see me. I wish we could go to the Grease sing-a-long together. OH, and I'm so excited about the Sophia movie you mentioned on your blog.

p.s. Your birthday package is almost ready to make it's way across the country to you. I wish I could pack myself in it and wish you happy birthday myself. If only.


Kristen said...

Well of COURSE beauty attracts beauty....I mean, why else are we friends? ;) I need your phone number, I want to chat with you! Email me.

ps...you look hot at the post office. I usually am bribing the kids not to run and have a lollipop from the last stop at the bank stuck to me somewhere. :)