Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses Giveaway

My friend Carrie gave me these adorable red rosebud earrings and I am in love with them. 
She also gave me a set of orange rosebuds for a lucky winner.

I'm gearing up for a big giveaway for when we reach 100'ish readers so this is our teaser giveaway. 
 To enter visit Carries sweet Etsy shop, Issy Missy Boutique.
(I am in love with the Snow White Tutu dress.)
Become a follower of Fritzi Marie if you feel so inclined.
And if you don't mind, pass on some words of wisdom on how you get yourself out of a funk.
Today the only thing that is helping me with my awful funk is Diet Coke and my red rosebud earrings.
We'll pick a winner on Saturday July 3rd. 

love love,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YOU are a YOU

Today I am in love with this letterpress mini poster by Roll and Tumble Press.

I like to think that my Daniel is all I need but really some days I need an army of love to get me going.
I think we all do.
Being the YOU is a lot of pressure don't you think? 

This morning my Daniel texted me this...
"The storm of a kiss"

-Theodore Roethke

Love it, love YOU.
All of YOU.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Wandering Days Are Over

Dear Friends,

How was your weekend?  
Did you go on a picnic and lounge in the sun? 
We didn't do much.
We went to the farmers market here in town and picked up some cherries and squash. 
We watched movies that were really not worth mentioning.
Daniel made veggie spaghetti sauce. 
It went by too quickly and I am looking forward to the week ahead.
I hope the sun comes back, I want to take a dip in the lake. 

Wishing you the best week ever!

love your friend,
Fritzi Marie

Friday, June 25, 2010

So Wonderfully Wonderfully Wonderfully Wonderfully Pretty!

Happy Weekend Dear Friends

Daniel has been spoiling me this week. 
He gave me these Vans and designated them as my Bono Walkin' shoes.
I think I will be living in them this summer.

He came home with a PMS kit to get me through the weekend. 
I know, I'm so lucky.

He took me out for a picnic and a veggie and cheese Subway with a huge Diet Coke on the side.

To top it all off, we stopped by the new cupcake place down the street for a red velvet cupcake. 

Speaking of red velvet cupcakes, I've been giving this diet blog some thought. 
I know I have a list of you who would like to be invited as readers but would any of you like to be contributors? 
I'm hoping to get it up and going (and be fully committed) in a week. 

love you,
Fritzi Marie

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Louisiana Treasure

My dear friend Miss April sent me some Louisiana treasure this week. 
Well, I should say that my "Louisiana Treasure" sent me some treasure from her home state. 
April loves treasure.
I love getting mail from her because you really never have any clue as to what will be packed away in her packages.  
Every nook an cranny is full of surprise. 
Like this postcard which I am in love with.
It reminds me of my time with her in the South.

This is my favorite thing she sent me.  
I love everything about this bowl, especially the color. 
I can't wait to take it on a picnic or show it off at a pot luck.

I haven't even sent her a proper thank you for the last package of treasure she sent me and something about our friendship makes me think that is okay. 
April, I love you like a sister.  

Thank you for being my Louisiana Treasure.

Bossy Chubby Bunnies

One day this week Dan went to work and was followed by this kangaroo, eyed by a wallaby, and sneered at by a huge bunny rabbit whom I like to imagine was bossy. 
Dan isn't a big fan of this job, but come on, this was special day.
How often do you meet a domestic kangaroo, wallaby, and huge rabbit in Washington state? 
I only wish I could have been there to meet them too. 

love love love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Dog, The Sun Is Out In Our Neck Of The Woods

(Summer, 2008 Hattiesburg, MS)

We have had sun for two days straight for the first time since last summer.  
Maybe I am exaggerating but that is what it feels like.  
Last summer when we moved from Mississippi to Washington I remember our first trip to the park with Bono Baby.
Everyone was out laying out, chillin' on blankets with their shoes off, picnicking and playing with super cute puppies.   
This never happened in Mississippi (too hot and humid) and it wasn't like that in Southern California, the land of my youth. 
To me it was a Washington thing.
I thought it was cool but I didn't truly understand it until this year after I lived through my first rainy season.
So, I have been absent because I have been at the park, sitting next to the lake with my puppy soaking up every minute of the weather. 
Please forgive me, I'm behind on just about everything.

I love you.

p.s. Sorry about being one of "those" people who talks about the weather. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bono Baby, You Are Our Whole World

We happened to find this globe (for a steal) while walking Bono Baby this afternoon. 
Bono Baby was more than happy to model with it for us. 
He is such a super star.

We carried our new treasure around town and a stranger asked us,
"Where are we at in the world?"

Hmmmm, insightful question dear stranger...

Today I am doing my best to be in the present, right here in Washington State.
Not in the past or the future in my thoughts.
Happy as a peach with my boys.

"Where are you at in the world?"

Lovey Dovey Sunset

This weekend our friends Bonnie and Nick got married.
They had the most beautiful service on their family ranch in Eastern Washington.

We really didn't think we would make it since our car had a break down on the way there.
But a lovely man at Les Schwab fixed us up and we were there on time, with bells on.

My favorite moments from the day were the way Bonnie looked when she walked down the isle, the way Nick looked at her, the way they surprised one another with serenades, getting to hold one of my favorite babies and pretend that I'm her Auntie, and meeting a horse. 

It was a perfect day.
(Thanks to Les Schwab)

What did you do this weekend?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chris In The Morning

 We went on a little road trip this weekend to Roslyn, Washington.
 Roslyn is also known as Sisily, Alaska of Northern Exposure.
My Daddy and I had a standing date to watch Northern Exposure during my high school days.
He even gave me a Northern Exposure sweatshirt, to wear on our date nights, for Christmas one year.

It was fun to walk the streets with my Daniel and think about those nights with my Dad.

Wouldn't it be the coolest to sit in The Brick and share a diet coke with my Daniel and my Daddy.
I wish they could have met.

I like to think that Dan will watch Northern Exposure with our child one day.
Then we can all go on a field trip to Roslyn and watch a movie in this Marlon Brando theater.

She (I like to think that we'll have a little girl) will think about her Daddy while I will tell her about how cool her Grandpa was.  He was my very own Marlon Brando and Chris In The Morning too.

Happy Father's Day

p.s. I want my Dad Morris and Dad CJ to know how thankful I am for them and how much I love them.

love love love

Thank You Bettie

I am counting my lucky stars. 
I have been blessed with amazing hair stylists in California, Mississippi, and Washington.
It is always a hunt but it's a happy hunt. 
I like to think of them as some of my closest friends. 
I know they have "real" friends but to me, they are true friends. 
They would never let me walk out of their home (shop) with funked up hair. 
To me that is a true friend. 

If you ever need help finding a stylist in Monrovia, CA, Hattiesburg, MS, or Issaquah, WA let me know. 

p.s. Has your hunt for a "friend" ever given you a slap in the face. 
Mine has, many times. 
These stylists need to be cherished.
They perform miracles...daily.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Letter

Dear Bettie,

Please watch over me and my hair stylist tomorrow. 
It is so hard to get "your" bangs just right. 
I adore you.

Fritzi Marie

I can't stop thinking about these Fluevogs.
I don't need another pair of black heals but I love to look at these and think about them.

Today was my girls day out day.
It was so nice to be able to talk about make-up and pretty things. 
Dan is great about listening to me but even Daniel needs a break.

Here's to girl talk, make up, pretty shoes and the perfect haircut. 


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beauty Attracts Beauty

The sun is out (finally) and I have been distracted. 
I've missed you.
I've been busy working on my to do lists and sending lots of mail.
Well, a little bit everyday.
I owe so ever so many letters and I want each of them to say just what I'm thinking. 
I've been hooked on this book
I'm so taken with the idea that Beauty Attracts Beauty and I want you all to really think about it for a minute.
Beauty Attracts Beauty 
It reminds me to do all that I can to put pretty out into the world. 
Speaking of pretty, we just pre-ordered this book of pretty
I'm getting ready for my 35th birthday which is now only a month away. 
I haven't finished up all of my 34 before 35 goals but I still have time.
I wanted to have a big party but I'm going to wait until next year.  
Daniel is going to buy me a new dress and take me out on the town for my big day. 
We're also going to see this, and I am so excited about it. 
I can't wait to dress up like Rizzo

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.
Remember:  YOU are beautiful and Beauty Attracts Beauty. 

Fritzi Marie

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Wasn't As Scary As I Imagined It To Be

I've been working on my 34 before 35 goals and #5 has been the one I have been putting off.
You see, number 5 is to go to the top of the Space Needle
Which sounds so super cool but I have "issues" with elevators and heights.
I'm working through them though. 
I want to conquer my "issues" and move on, into my 35th year. 

I tried to talk us out of the event all together but there I was, ticket in hand.

Looking up at that beautiful structure.

I kept thinking about my fortune cookie fortune which told me that I would reach my goal. 

I made it up that scary elevator and my hands and feet were clammy but I was there.
I was at the top of The Space Needle.

Look at how brave I was. 
I let go of the structure and looked out at the view.
And what a view.

It was such a happy event for us.
On top of the world.

I looked for our home.

Daniel found our "first kiss" bench on Alki Beach.

To top it off my Daniel treated me to a big girl treat, a huge hot cocoa.
I am so impressed with myself.
I've been giving myself big pats on the back all day.
If any of you do visit Seattle, you must go up the Space Needle.
I bet you could even talk me into going up with you.
It was that much fun. 

love you,

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Fortune Cookie Inspired Adventure

We spent the day exploring some of our favorite spots in Downtown Seattle.
I love that my fortune cookie said, "You will have a happy adventure soon". 
It was right on the money.

We stopped by Pike Place Market and I fell in love with this street performer and his puppy.
 I talked Dan into taking a "tourist" photo in front of the market.
We stopped by my favorite place to get veggie gyro's and we had a picnic in the SUN.
Can you believe it, the sun came out for our adventure day.   

The Girl at Pike's Place Market, Seattle

I thought that if I could ask her
the price of the artichokes
it would be sealed: she would want
to know everything about me. 
It wasn't just black dread locks
or olive skin that made me want
to stare every time I passed her
produce stand.  When she reached
for that cabbage, exposing tender black
hair, I knew I could love her.
Three years she peddled
vegetables amidst belt booths,
bunches of flowers, flying fish, and every time
I walked that arcade, she
was what truly bloomed. 

Dan Morris

The hammering man was hammering away.

Karyn humored me once more by letting me take her photo.
I love having my photo taken so I'm slow to understand why anyone wouldn't be so into it.

We took our last photo of The Lusty Lady marque. 
They are getting ready to close their doors and their cheeky signs always make me giggle.

We visited the Gum wall.
It was gross and Dan about died.
He hates chewing gum.
Karyn was smart and she didn't bother climbing the hill to see the disgusting wall. 
It looks cool from far away.
Of course, we had to take Karyn to Ivar's to feed the seagulls. 

To finish off our day of adventure we stopped in at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.
I had to pick up a good luck token for my friend Lindsey

Hooray for happy fortunes. 

p.s. I am going to do something tonight that I have been putting off for a long time. 
Wish me luck.
I'll share later.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Adventure Show And Tell

Karyn and I spent most of our Monday having girl time. 
When Dan was working, we were chatting, visiting the chocolate factory, drinking smoothies, and we went to see a movie.
Oh, we also went to Lake Sammamish and we saw baby geese.
Too Cute.
Bono Baby wanted to be friends with them. 

Daniel took some time to take us up to Snoqualmie Falls and we lookie loo'ed at our favorite Twin Peaks landmarks.

I found this book, Backcounty Betty: Roughing it in Style and I am putting it on my Amazon wish list. 

It was a lovely day and the perfect start to a wonderful week.

I hope you are having a good week.  
The rain is here again but I'm okay with it. 
Even if it is June.  

love love,

p.s. Dear Starbuck's Barrista,
Thank you for telling me that I look like Bettie Page.
You made my whole year.

Books, Check Um' Out

I've been trying to spend more of my free time reading lately. 
Amanda recommended this book, The Art Student's War and I just finished reading it. 
I fell in love with it. 
I couldn't help but imagine that the main character, Bea, looked like Amanda.
Bea Paradiso will always be Amanda in my mind.

This is the short stack of books that I am working on right now.
Nothing compared to my dear Daniel who lives for the written word. 
Sometimes I think he does enough reading for the both of us. 
But then I get "hooked" on a good book and think, he is the lucky one. 

Do you have a special book to recommend?
I would love to hear about it.