Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where O' Where Is My Two Legg-ed Mommy?

Happy Mother's Day Mommy and friend's who are Mommies. 
I hope your day has been full of "me" time and special moments. 

I'm looking forward to the day when I can be a Mommy. 
Many days (when I am freaking out about my upcoming 35th birthday) I think it will never happen. 
Then I remind myself that "we" are all on on our own time schedule.
I will tell you this, when they announced that they were giving out Mother's Day treats to the Mother's at church, I felt a little bad. 
Then, they gave me a treat anyway, maybe the teenage boy didn't know that I wasn't a Mommy yet. 
I still felt special. 

Mother's Of The World,

You amaze me! 



Kristen said...

In the last few wards I have been in, they have every woman 18 and older stand for a treat/gift. I like that. Mothering comes in being a woman who nurtures and loves. Not just from giving birth.

The Lord's timing is perfect. His blessings arrive not on our time schedule, but just in the right time for you.

I wish I could be turning 35 again. 38!

Mamushka Marie said...

what an adorable photo of the two of you! i think you put it best, we are all on our own happy mothers day from one (someday) mommy to another ;)
m a m u s h k a m a r i e

Anonymous said... glad I read my sisters blog today. What u said about the lords time brought tears to my eyes. Thank you:)

beep beep

Dyan said...

Kat...I hope you are a mommy someday soon too, you would be wonderful and find it so fulfilling! And let's be honest, I'm intrigued to see what fun creation the nursery would be :) This quote from Russell M. Nelson was on the back of the chocolate bar (which just happens to be next to me...being eaten!)I got from church and I think it's perfect:
"The spiritual rewards of motherhood are available to all women. Nurturing the young, comforting the frightened, protecting the vulnerable, teaching and giving encouragement need not-and should not-be limited to our own children."

Happy day to you!