Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Raccoons and cats become a little boring." -Edie

Last weekend, this little raccoon came to visit us in our backyard.
I love these little creatures with their bandit masks and striped tails.
I know they are not known for being friendly but I like to pretend that they are sweet and loving like the one's Snow White knew. 
I can totally understand why the Beale's fed their raccoon tenants. 

I found this snapshot at an estate sale a few weeks ago.
These raccoons aren't as cute as the one who came to visit us.
They look like they could be trouble.
I take that back, they just need a sandwich.

 I've had people in my past call me "trouble."
"Hey, Miss Trouble" or "Here comes trouble."
"You look like trouble." 

I think that's rude, so there. 

p.s. We have a really cute raccoon for sale in our shop.


Kristen said...

Not rude - truthful...you are TROUBLE!! (but the fun kind and that's why we are friends.)

Kitty said...


I think it's cool if your dear friend calls you trouble or a hot guy. It's the slimy ones that gross me out. But, you are right I am trouble, the good kind.

love you,