Friday, May 07, 2010

Miss Foxy, Where Have You Been Hiding?

We watched the movie Nine tonight. 
I loved it. 
The costumes and singing and dancing were so beautiful. 

I found this older (2008'ish) photo of myself. 
I kind of love it too. 

Happy Weekend Dear Friends
I hope you do something special for yourself that makes you feel pretty.
You deserve some "me" time. 



Amy said...

I am sooo glad you liked your journal....I am glad it put a smile on your face....I am going to work on a little something else for you too...I love having a friend to send little packages to (especially one who appreciates them). I am going on vacation a week from today so I will be working on it a little here and there but I prob. won't be able to send it until I get back....I feel happy to have you as a friend and penpal and I am looking forward to becoming close (long distance) I hope you are feeling a bit more like yourself....Sometimes I get a bit down and sad...We just need to remember that we have a lot to be happy and grateful for..You have a wonderful man..who seems to adore and understand who you are as an individual and I have the same..We are very fortunate people.....I hope to hear from you soon.....Your friend, Amy.....

lindsey said...

completely and madly in love with this photo! movies and another fun play for us this weekend. sending you lots of love and hugs.


koralee said...

Glad to hear your sweet pup is doing look amazing my!!! Happy weekend. xoxo