Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Takes An Army (Of Friends)

I've never been someone who was comfortable with asking for help.
But, it seems that the universe is sending help my way and I am so thankful.
It is so strange that when you feel like you are the lowest of low, dear friends and family just know to check in on you.
Really, I am overwhelmed by your thoughtful comments of late.
They mean so much to me. 
I just received a text message from my friend Alfred (from Mississippi) asking if I was okay.
How did he know how much just asking would mean to me today?
How did my Mommy know that this post card of one of my favorite places, the Trees of Mystery in the California Redwoods, would cheer me up?

How did my friend Jane know how much an unexpected care package would mean to me? 
I mean come on, this print screams Kat!
She put so much thought into everything she sent and I feel so special.

Then there is my new friend Laura.
She invited me over, modeled for my shop and took time out of her busy life to spend the morning talking with me.
I've found a kindred spirit in my neighborhood, a sure sign that I am about to move.

I am overwhelmed with love.

p.s. I hope you always know that I am here for you too.
(all of you)


Amy said...

Hey Fritzi..Amy (your penpal here)..I read that you are doing weight watchers.....I recently did weight watchers and I lost 55 lbs....I love it..It is the best diet EVER........If you need anything...Just let me know......

slush said...

So glad you have an army of people looking out for you and helping you through rough times. Sometimes all it takes is someone checking in to make a day all that much better. xo

koralee said...

Friends are the BEST..and moms! You are a blessing in their lives and they so love you. It's nice to feel that love! Enjoy it all... you so deserve it! xoxoxox

Roxanne said...

There is nothing like unexpected and perfectly timed acts of love from our friends and family. That postcard your mom sent you is super cute, I bet it made you smile!

Jane said...

I'm glad you liked the package, and that you have so many others in your life to lift you up. You certainly deserve it. You're constantly brightening up my day with your posts and kind words.
I'm glad you're on the up and up.

Wan Family said...

If there is one thing that you are it is loveable. I am so glad we're friends, I only wish I had met you sooner.