Friday, May 28, 2010

I'll Stop The World And Melt With You

I feel like a little frog up here in Seattle.  The rain is still going strong. 
Bono Baby has yeast infections in his ears, because of the moisture. 
We are going to leap for joy when the sun comes out.

Do you have big plans for this holiday weekend?  We plan on cuddling up on the couch and watching movies.  Few things make me happier than being in my jammies, cuddled up with my Daniel and Bono Baby, eating popcorn, watching movies.  Side note:  I eat Brewers Yeast everyday and my new favorite thing is to sprinkle it on my popcorn.  It is so good.

 Hooray for all the brave men and women who serve or have served for our country.
You are our rock stars.

Happy Weekend  Wishes


DIANA said...

Modern English- I’ll stop the world and melt with you! is an amazing song, you just brought back amazing memories!♥………….thank you!

Well am going out to a 50’s inspired dinner with friends really looking forward to that ………..have a splendid weekend♥

Martha said...

We are celebrating our 1 year Anniversary cuddling up and watching movies. I'm with you on just hanging out with your favorite boys.

M @ Betty Crapper said...

I've battled my lab's yeasty ear infection for years. Hopefully Bono Baby doesn't suffer too badly from them.

Have a great weekend. Visiting from SITS

Sami said...

Stopping in from the SITS BlogFrog with some comment love! :) I agree, there is nothing like curling up and watching movies in your jammies, especially on rainy days! Best thing ever.

PS - Your puppy? Adorable.

Mel said...

Your little pup is one of the cutest things EVAR!!! ;D ;D

haha, so is it bad that I'm always wearing pjs when I'm at home? Bottoms, anyway, I come in, take off my jeans, and throw on my comfy pj pants! ;P LoL. So yeah, I'm with you on chillin' in the comfy clothes watching movies! hehe.

Oh and btw, I wandered over from the SITS non-mommy thread. =)

pumps & luiers said...

have a great weekend too
I'm going to a surprise birthday party!

Angel said...

We have no plans, sadly. We both have to work today-- well he has work to get done sometime this week. The only thing we did was get our glasses and contacts. I know-- we lead an exciting life. ROFL.

Anna said...

Cuddling up on the couch and watching movies is exactly our plan too!

Stopping by from SITS!

Silver Strands said...

Great photos and WONDERFUL blog! I'm excited to keep reading about your adventures.

I'm going to spend the weekend with my husband and the kiddos, probably doing some spring cleaning and wii-playing :)

Being Tazim said...

Hi, stopping by from SITS.
I also love just watching movies all day. :) It is grey and rainy here so I don't feel like doing much else!