Thursday, May 06, 2010

How I'm Dealing With Being Down In The Dumps

Dear Friends,
I have down in the dumps for a while now.
I don't like to talk about it on my blog because it is my happy place.
But, I thought I'd share one of the things I am doing to help with my depression. 
This is the from the guest post I did on Post Grad Hair Cut yesterday.

 When I am feeling down my favorite thing to do to perk myself up is to make a care package for a friend. 
My goal is to put all of my energy into that friend and making "happy mail" that will make her day. 
The most important thing to remember when making a care package is to never expect anything in return.
A true care package (one that helps you heal) is a gift of love.  

 Here are my tips for making a lovely care package.  

-Pick yourself up and decide who you want to make feel special.  
-Get out of your house and go somewhere local to pick up a gift.  
(The town I live in has a chocolate factory so I like to go and pick up some bumble bee chocolates).  
-Next go to your local shop (I go to Target) pick up a treat (for you to sip on) and shop with your friend in mind.              
(Remember: this act of love is not about spending a lot of money, it is about sending happy thoughts out into the world).
 -Now take yourself home and put on your comfies, put a pretty movie on, and spread out all of your goodies and take a good look at them. 
-This is the fun part.  Start personalizing your pretties.  Grab some treasure (I have a vintage shop and I go to estate sales every Friday to find items for my shop, my home, and my friends).   
-Then get out all of your packing supplies and stationary and get to making everything look like a million bucks.  It's all about presentation.  
-Write a sweet note, it will make your heart happy.  
-Lastly, go to the Post Office and send that package full of happy feelings out into the world.  I promise you will feel like a superstar.  

I'm up to my ears in Care Package Goodness over here. 
So here's the deal, tell me about a care package you received and how it made you feel and the winner will get some Fritzi Marie surprise mail. 

Horray for friends and Happy Mail.  



Amy said...

hey Fritzi!!! Amy here...Your NY penpal...I sent you a package last week and I was wondering if you have received it yet....I read that you are not feeling like yourself lately and I was hoping my package would cheer you up.....There is a card, a letter and a gift I made for you...I think I mailed it the beginning of last you should have it by now.....also to respond to your care package question...unfortunately I have never received a care package or happy mail......Sad, I know....but I really enjoy sending care packages to my friends....I hope you like your gift......and I hope it puts a smile on your face....


Jane said...

Dear Kat,
I'm so sorry you've been feeling down lately. You are one of the coolest people, and I loved your guest post about sending care packages. It inspired me (as did the lovely care package you sent me). I sat down and made a list of people that I want to send something nice to, so that it can brighten their day, like yours did mine. You make the world such a brighter and more beautiful place, just being you, and being in it.

Micaela said...

sweet girl, i meant my comment on your post yesterday- i truly loved it and agreed with your idea of a care package.

i'm a huge believer in hand written notes and postcards sent "Just because" -- they have the power to change any blue day into such a ray of sunshine!

when i moved to VA from my beloved TX in january i was DESPERATELY homesick and missing my twin sister who i had never been apart from. My best friend did the sweetest thing for valentines-- she sent me and my twin ceramic wings from an etsy shop i had once mentioned loving. That she remembered i loved this particular decor piece was enough to tug my heart-- the fact that she sent one to me and moreso my twin was ... oh goodness there are no words!

it brought me to tears and to this day is the sweetest thing i have ever received.

it's so much fun putting together a little something for someone-- though my FAVORITE care packages to put together are the ones i send my brother in Iraq. There is no greater joy right now than that. I love to think of mail call over there and my brother sharing his goodies with the rest of his troop.

i hope you get to feeling better soon Kitty!!! xoxo

Stephanie said...

I hope you feel better soon. :)

Retro Plants said...

i hate the "blues"!
i get them here EVERY winter! yuck.
i LOVE your thinking. . . serve others and BE happy!
what a wonderful way to pick yourself up. . . showing love and sending it away in a pretty package! ;)

i got the cutest care package from a girl named Kat.
she selflessly gave to me and my girls!
it was SO pretty and still makes me smile when i think about it :)

Wan Family said...

Hey Kat,

I love that you overcome the blues with service, especially service that involves creativity. I have a lot to learn from you about service and treasure hunting.

It seems from the previous comments and so many more premeditated but never written ones that a lot of people love you and think you are as awesome as I do. I hope you feel better soon. Please let me know if I can help!

felicia said...

dear friend,

would you mind if i posted this post on my blog? i'd like to share how real, how human and how lovely you are. plus i'd also like to give my reader girls the chance to show ya some love. so if it'd be ok, i'll need your address and and they could email me for it. what do ya think?