Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fritzi, You're Wanted On The Horn!

Dear Friends,

I owe you an apology.
I owe the universe an apology. 
I have not been following my own advise and I am annoyed with "me".

I'm on a quest to find myself again.
I want to be the Fritzi Marie that I used to be. 

Did I ever tell you where my name came from?
My real name is Kathryn Marie but my Daddy never called me by my given name.
It was always Fritzi
When I was young, it embarrassed me when my Daddy would holler, "Fritzi, you're wanted on the horn", when a boy would call me on the telephone.
I would ask him where got the name Fritzi from and he never had a good answer.
It wasn't until after he passed away that I realized that he must have found my nickname from the comic Fritzi Ritz. 
It totally makes sense, she looks like his type. 

I'm sorry I haven't been myself lately.
I'll be back to my "Fritzi Marie" self soon, I can feel it. 

I can't wait.


p.s. I'm working on our diet blog.
I think it will be named Fritzi's Journey To Becoming A Pin Up Girl.


sueper said...

so cute that your father named you after the comic

Anonymous said...

Now if we can just figure out where my name came from!


lindsey said...

it's funny what embarrasses us when we are young. i love that you have this as your story.


yours truly dear said...

that is cute. and following your own advice can be hard. you can do it though! good luck dear :]