Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Thank You From Our Bono Baby

Dear Friends,
Our Bono Baby is on the mend.
It has been an awful weekend for our dear little boy.
He did perk up a lot when he received his care package from his cousins, Nicole and Tyler.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and wishes.
Bono Baby now only has about 12 teeth in his mouth but he is going to be so much healthier.
He wishes he could give you all a kiss but his mouth is too sore right now.
Maybe in a week or two (and his breath won't stink).

We LOVE you,
Kitty and Bono Baby


Anonymous said...

Glad he's on the mend...My Willow(German Shepherd)is not well at all...I'm afraid it's a trip to the vets...Have a gr8 week...

koralee said...

Ahhhhhh I feel so bad for the sweet boy! He is so lucky to have you around to comfort him. Sending lots of love his way...and to you too. xo

Amy said...

I'm so happy to hear he is feeling better. Happy Anniversary! Love you all.

Katherine said...

What a cute little guy. So glad he's feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

what a honey! i'm sending him virtual bear hugs.:D