Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring And By Summer Fall

A few weeks ago I started putting my inspiration board together.
I wanted to dig out my old Domino Magazines from storage to get to these photo's of
Blonde Redhead's Amadeo Pace and Kazu Makino's home.
They have inspired me so much over the years.

I have been decorating our next home (in my head) and I'm way too excited about it becoming a reality.

My Mommy always told me to DARE TO DREAM.

Well, dear friends, I am wishing and dreaming about decorating.

Most of all, I can't wait to dig into my storage unit and do some Spring cleaning.
I have some serious treasure in there for the shop.

I'm hoping and wishing (and dreaming too) for a busy summer full of decorating.

I'm not the only one who dreams about decorating am I?

p.s. I can't wait to show you the two antique chairs that my Father-In-Law fixed up for me.
I owe him big time.


Jeyam said...

Hello there! I' just browsing around to find some nice people (I'm brand new in the blog's world!) and I found you! I hope to hear from you..
Blessed be,

lindsey said...

i cannot tell you how much i miss domino! hurry and dig into those treasures. in the meantime, i am loving the colors/textures in your inspiration board.


Retro Plants said...

yes yes YES!
decorating. . . this summer?
sounds dreamy!
i did that last summer. . . and NO! you are not the only person who dreams of decorating!
i did the same thing as you when we moved into our new place. . . i had areas "mapped" out in my head! ha!

too cute and fun. . . happy mental decorating and spring cleaning. . . two of my FAV things! ;)

Anonymous said...

how many issues of Domino were you able to collect? i have 3, i think.

i enjoy cleaning and decorating, too. i can't wait to see your refurbished chairs!

Mamushka Marie said...

oooh these are so inspiring! i need to make an inspiration board...

Mamushka Marie

Katherine said...

I'm excited to see your decorated home some day. I know it will be wonderful.