Friday, April 09, 2010

Skip To My Lou

I've been on a hunt for the perfect birthday gift for one of my sisters. She is re-decorating her bedroom in gray and yellow. I found her gift (I'm horribly impatient about birthday gifts) and I'm sending it to her early. Point being, my life has been consumed with gray and yellow (and lots of rain) this week.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I'm still dreaming about perfect dress for "our" 4th wedding anniversary date.
Which one do you like better?

Oh, how I love dreaming about pretty dresses and finding the perfect birthday gift.

FYI: I spent today treasure hunting and I made out like a bandit.


You mean the world to me.


lindsey said...

i adore gray and yellow. we painted our kitchen walls gray and have a lot of yellow/green accessories. i vote for dress #2! anxious to see your treasures pop up. have a happy weekend! believe it or not, it's snowing again here. praying for sunshine.

love and hugs

Anonymous said...

I think I like #1 a wee bit more than #2, if I had to choose.


Kitty said...


Show us your kitchen. It sounds so super cute.

p.s. I found some treasure for you. I'll send it soon.


Retro Plants said...

i vote for number 1!
i love the floral print!
too cute :)
happy weekend honey!
lots of love <3

Kitty said...

Hot Dog (D),

I think you are cute.
I know you'll make sure that both of them end up in my closet eventually.

I LOVE you,


Kitty said...


I wish we could meet up at Disneyland this weekend. Pretend: I'll meet you at The Tiki Room for a pineapple treat.


Stephanie said...

I like the first dress the best.

Miss Mandy said...

i like both dresses the same they are soooooooooooo cute but im going with number 1 for the wedding annivers. Amazing its already been 4 years!

Claire Nouveau said...

they are both lovely! happy anniversary by the way...i like the revamp vintage one the best, love the print and colors!

Mamushka Marie

yourstrulydear said...

hmm, i think i like the second dress better. hard choice! and is that the salt logo girl or am i just crazy? its cute either way :]

Anonymous said...

ITS ME! My birthday is coming up!!
#2 Most def!

Katherine said...

I like them both, but am especially fond of #2. I hope you can get your dress.
Nicole LOVED her gift from you. You are probably the most thoughtful gift person I know. All of your little touches make them extra special. Thank you!

Kristen said...

#2! #2!!!!