Friday, April 30, 2010

National Poetry Month Comes To An End


Passing Mile Marker 25, West Bound, I90

To say there are a lot
of trees doesn’t really
come close to describing
the population of evergreens
along this corridor. And if
it weren’t for the need of a clear
passing, there would be nothing
here but trees. So, I’m driving on
this asphalt road which keeps
the fecundity at bay, a demarcation
of nature. Though every few hundred
feet or so a daring branch
hangs over the shoulder of the road,
as if to say, Look out, we’re on
the move. And I’m taken by
all the degrees of green that wash
the periphery as I maintain
the posted speed limit of 70 mph,
but all I really want to do is roll down
my windows, stretch out my arms,
let the branches grab hold and yank me out.

Dan Morris 4/30/10

National Poetry Month is over.
So sad.
I have so much fun sharing Dan's poems with you.
We will have our final National Poetry Month celebration this Sunday.
Our friend Alena invited us to a NPM get together last week and she made a mean spaghetti sauce.
We got the recipe.
I'm going to share it with you.
Hooray for Poetry and Spaghetti.

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