Friday, April 02, 2010

Inspiration Knocks On My Door

We have been busier than usual this week.
We went to a reading in Seattle one night and ate a fine meal with friends the next.
Tonight Dan and I had a little mini date.
We watched An Education.

I've been shopping for a dress for our fourth wedding anniversary which is at the end of this month.
Someone recently told me that we were still considered newlyweds until we hit the five year mark.
I wish I still felt like a newlywed. Things seem so much more glamorous when you are just starting out.

Anyhow, this movie was beautiful and the dresses were so inspirational.
I'm not sure that I will get a dress but I sure do love dreaming about them.

I also like the thought of going on a dreamy date with my Daniel on our fourth "newlywed" anniversary.

Maybe we will reenact our first date.
But only if he comes to get me at the door.
I fell in love with him in a doorway after he said hello.

p.s. I think I need to get a new journal to write in so I don't share all of my silly little thoughts with you.

oh, tell me what you think about this movie when you see it.
I related to it BIG TIME.


muchlove said...

I agree. This movie (as well as the dresses!!) is beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. I actually just borrowed the book it was based on.

Retro Plants said...

four years!
congrats you two. . . your as cute as peaches and cream!

i haven't seen the movie. . . yet.
i will let you know what i think then.
for now. . . the dresses and suits are KILLER.
very inspiring indeed!

happy date night you two!
*sigh*. . . to have a date would be awesome.
my hubby and i haven't had a date in. . . hmmm. . . four years?
that is NO joke.
i have been with my girls non-stop for those four years. . . maybe we should make that a priority?
but who would watche the kiddos?
now i remember why we don't have dates!
oh well. . . i guess we can date when we are dead! ha ha ha! ;)

Kristen said...

Four years! You were a stunning bride. I remember that well. I also giggle when I remember the "yeah" part. So you.

I have yet to see this movie but I am adding it to my list!

Unknown said...

congratulations!! I havent seen this movie but i really want to. I love Carrie Mulligan, shes so young,talented and elegant. What a bitch!
The top image of her dress is gorgeous. I hope you find something amazing to wear for your dream date :)

Katherine said...

I love your "silly little thoughts."