Monday, April 05, 2010

I Made A Button!

I learned how to make a button today.
Grab one if you like and share the love.

The code is waiting for you on the sidebar.

p.s. The first person to feature my new little button (and tell me about it) will get a special little bit of HAPPY MAIL from me. Also, I'll pick someone else out too. I'm nosy and I wonder what the button will look like on your blog.

Fritzi Marie


Con pájaros en mi cabeza said...

I grabbed your button in my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I will see if this one gets through to you. Explain this button to be again. Love your always liked sparklers. Love to you, Dan, Bono, Martha and Ross.

Kristen said...

Good job - I have no clue how to make those! But you are now on my blog! :)

Amy said...

Very Cool! I tried to make one of those once. I couldn't get the code to show up correctly in the box. Eventually I gave up.

Parker said...

Amy and Kristen,

If you ever need help making one, I can help you.

love love,

lindsey said...

come take a peek. it looks great!


Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

i'm using it!!!! eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Mamushka Marie said...

well i'm totally stealing one!