Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The First Kiss Lasts Forever

Recently I have been re-watching some of my favorite movies from my middle school days.
Some Kind of Wonderful and Say Anything were two of my favorites.
I would daydream about the kissing scenes in these films.
I wanted to be Watts in this scene.

I also desperately wanted to be Diane Court kissing Lloyd Dobler in the Seattle rain.

Instead my first kiss was in a bathroom at a pool party with my best friends cousin while playing Truth or DARE.
How Romantic!

I like to think back and pretend that these movie kisses were mine.
I'm a silly girl like that.

Tell me about your first kiss,
I'm on pins and needles.



Kristen said...

Can you hear me laughing? Oh my - your first kiss was not one that movies are made of. I think very few ever are! I wanted to be Watts more than anything also! I LOVE that movie!

Mine was on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland with some boy named Scott. He had dark brown hair. That is all I remember about him...since I had only met him an hour earlier and never saw him again.

diane said...

this is all kinds of awesome.

ok, i still swoon over lloyd dobler. and i mean SWOON!

my first kiss: a boy named andy at a school dance in seventh grade.

he had a seriously amazing mullet.

i saw him many years ago at our ten year reunion, confessed to him that he was my first kiss, and caused him to blush bright red.

Martha said...

I love those movies. I always dreamed my first kiss would be like Some Kind of Wonderful.

But, Alas...it was backstage during a play in high school. His name was Matt. That's all. I don't remember anything else about it.

lindsey said...

i LOVE some kind of wonderful! my first kiss: during my first boy/girl party in the 6th grade. i was allowed to go only after my mom had the "talk" with me. the kiss took place during spin the bottle and his name was kevin bowen.


Amanda Atkins said...

I didn't get kissed until I was 16. We met in world cultures class the first week of school that year. We had our first date on September 28th. He knew my favorite Beatles song was Norwegian Wood, so he put on Rubber Soul. Norwegian Wood was #2 on the album. We didn't make it to that song, we had our first kiss to "Baby, You can drive my car." And then he was my boyfriend for four and a half years. haha.

Trisha said...

oh gosh... my first kiss overlaps with the first time being drunk *lol* oh noes, that sounds slutty, but I was 14, my friend's parents weren't home for the weekend so we ended up having boys over who brought beer. it wasn't very romantic. I don't even remeber his name :(
but I still remember the first kiss with my boyfriend. that was special and still is fo me :) that's all that matters :D

Giuli said...

This is going to sound cheesey as all get out, but my first kiss was with my husband, about a week before we got engaged. I was the president of the "virgin lip club" until 19, and then I made up for it by being married in just a few short months. Ha! He kissed me while we were watching 80s videos on tv! He still has the sweetest, most awesome lips in the world!