Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dan Poem

Driving South on Front Street

Driving South on Front Street trees gain more
prevalence as the town sits in the rearview
mirror. Spring is still arriving so undergrowth
has yet to be re-clad. Down off the edge
of road, the space that separates us
from the creek, where during the green of summer
we wouldn't be able to see, a lone deer
sits, on the years of dead alder leaves
antlerless and content, disregarding
the passing cars, just like the passing
cars disregard it.

Dan Morris 4/10/10

p.s. Dan has been singing this to me all day.
Oh, the joys of Spring allergies.


Sarah Knight said...

sounds lovely : )

Katherine said...

I especially like Dan's poems about places and people so familiar to me.

lindsey said...

i love how this poem could have been about driving south where i live. is he putting together a spring edition of town creek poetry? and don't even get me started on allergies. that video made me laugh. love that photo.