Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dan Poem #29

Honeymoon Secret

(This photo was taken four years ago, on our honeymoon, before the duck incident).

Four Years Ago

Four years ago, we were driving south along
the Oregon coast, two weeks married and our decision
to move to Mississippi for three years
pretty much final, but there were still
uncertainties. We didn't speak about
the day before when we crossed over
to Oregon, where ten miles from the border,
a mother mallard and her five duckling
trial chose to cross yards in front of us.
Too soon to stop or swerve, a car right behind,
I had no choice but to keep strait, hoping
my truck wheels would straddle them all, afraid
to look in the rearview knowing
that I had damaged a generation.

Dan Morris 4/29/10


ilovemyhouse said...

It makes you feel sooo bad, my brother had the same experience and it brought tears to his eyes.
I just put your button on my blog.xx

koralee said...

Oh dear...I hate that when things like that happen..congratulations on your is your sweet pup doing?

Retro Plants said...

oh goodness!
how terrible.
good thing their is heaven for duckies too. . . a way to take solace?

Dyan said...

cute pic, sad story!

lindsey said...

for some reason, this reminds me of "make way for ducklings" but perhaps the tim burton version! so loving that picture of you and dan. happy weekend wishes are winding their way towards you.


Katherine said...

I never heard about this. So so sad....:(