Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Boat That Rocked

Rock The Boat

After four years of marriage my Daniel is beginning to figure me out.
When I get down take me out to rent some movies, get me a Super Big Gulp with lots of ice and let me cuddle up on the couch with Bono Baby for the night.
Last night his skills were put to the test.

The movie that really stood out to me this go around was Pirate Radio.
I'm a sucker for certain types of scenes.
I love it when people do little jigs in a film and I LOVE when people line up and walk in slow-motion (Swingers style).

If you do watch it, you must watch the deleted scenes.

Do you have a ritual that get's you out of a funk?


Retro Plants said...

when i am "down and out". . . i love to snuggle and watch my "shows". . .
{The Office, Parks and Rec, Community, 30 Rock, The Vampire Diaries} :) . . . and have my hubby get me a mint OREO Blizzard!
lifts my spirits immediately. . .
hey!?! guess night?
it's my night!
all my shows are ON tonight, yay! ;)
time to have Pace run to DQ and lift my spirits ;)

p.s. i will have to check out Pirate Radio. . . have you seen "Hot Rod"? it has *THE BEST* walking slow to motivational music scene i have EVER scene. . . talk about laughing your rear end off! ;)

Kitty said...

Dear Karli,

I love your "Down and Out" ritual.
I'm watching your shows right now, in my jammies, with my Bono Baby. I hope you got your blizzard. I went there the other day and they had a buy one get one for a quarter deal. I hope your baby feels better soon. Little one's shouldn't have to get sick. It is too sad.

Oh, FYI, Pirate Radio has terrible language. I'm going to check out that "Hot Rod" scene. Thanks for the tip.

hugs to you,

lindsey said...

yikes...after almost 27 years of marriage, mark has yet to figure me out!!! pirate radio is on our netflix queue. i head straight for ben and jerry when i'm feeling down. sending happy thoughts your direction!