Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dan and I like to save up our change in a penny bank and cash all of it in for Amazon credit.
It lets us buy special treats for one another.
Today, we both got treats in the mail.
The UPS man surprised me with the new She & Him.
Bono loved telling the UPS man "what up."

Dan's treat was a Richard Hugo chapbook from 1978.

Here is poem by Hugo about one of the places we visited last week.

Near Kalalock

Throw sand dollars and they sail alive.
One dead salmon slides to immediate maggots
and the long starch of his side begins,
the chunk of belly gone in teeth
beyond the sonar stab, in green too thick
for signals from our eyes. Tan foam tumbles
and we call the bourbon in us wind.

We put this day in detent with a pastoral
anxiety for stars. Remember when our eyes
were ocean floors and the sun was dissonant
and cold, unlike today. Scream at waves
go back you fools or die, and say once
light was locked in horizoned hunger.

A crack wind breaks the driftwood's white
from stark to cream. East is lost
but serious with lines: defeated slant
of grass, the cirrus pointed and the sudden
point of sun, the lean of ocean
on our throats, bacon-baited knocks
of sea perch in our palms.

Now the shore is speared by ancient orange,
let a tickle say a beach is bleeding.
Tonight the sea will come like the eyes
of all cats in the world stampeding.

p.s. I am getting better and want to thank you for your kind comments.
I'm hoping to be 100% tomorrow.
I'm so behind with everything and I would much rather hear about what you have been up to.


Unknown said...

Today I Actually missed being at work... I'm trying to make decisions of who to go to the festival of colors with... its a celebration of the coming of spring... since no friends had time for me i played with little nicole....we went and looked at fish at walmart and got some sub zero ice cream.... :D

Katherine said...

Today I'm supposed to be preparing a talk for Sunday. We went to Tyler's open house last night. I need to get a b-day gift for one of my visiting teachees(and I need to visit another one). My car is on empty so I need to head to Costco. I'm not sure what we're eating for dinner tonight. I think I need to go to the grocery store. I have to sew Tyler's bobcat patch on his cub scout shirt. Lots of laundry. Clean the kitchen from last night. But here I sit at the computer instead. This is more fun.

It's so nice of Bono to always say "what up" to the UPS guy.

So glad you're feeling